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Date: 01-24-2019

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Joe is one of those people with a keen intuition, and ability to listen that allows him to extremely effectively connect. He uses this superpower for good, by becoming an advocate of
anothers’ point of view, and the problems/challenges they experience. Using this POV
Joe, can create and enroll others into effective solutions. Joe does all of this with a genuine authentic humility that is both disarming and endearing. He is an amazing
sales person because he doesn’t sell,
he solutions.

Ultimately Joe is a multiplier on a team, holding others accountable to the needs and view of the end customer. He doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations and leads by bringing others around him up to his high standards. Where there isn’t a campsite, Joe makes one, where there is one, he leaves it better than he found it.

Minneapolis, MN 55413