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Date: 07-31-2021

From: To:

ElwinLaurence Haughton

working to understand, support and inspire the crazy-makers

Laurence's work, books, speeches, research etc, provide amazing insight into the vision, strategy, tactics and delivery of some of the most successful companies, and can be used as a playbook. But for me the real value is his ability to storytell and explain in a way executives can understand, the very culture and value of the rare breeds that are in their own orgs. Parts of his books can directly be ripped out of the covers and handed to these leaders, as a care and feeding manual for these 'doers' 

In 'Ratatouille' there is a quote:

The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. 

Laurence has earned this coin by being a friend to the new.

Greenbrae, CA 94904