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Date: 01-17-2019

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Kolina is an amazing storyteller, and writer. Like a great chef, she takes ideas as ingredients and mixes them together to create compelling narratives, with depth, multi-layers of textures and flavors. (something much greater than just the sum of its parts)

I have known many to use her superpowers to help them tell their stories, to great effect.

After working with her, some left with their 'great American novel',  a compelling web story, a full social media strategy with content! But all left with an authentic telling of their ideas, everyone's campsite was left better.  A master of modern tools of storytelling (i.e. social media, video, twitter, etc), she has multiple tools in her arsenal.  But in the end, it isn't her tech wits that you have come for... it is her pen, that is mighty

Minneapolis, MN 55413