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Date: 10-03-2023

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Making a difference as an educational leader.

Educators have a great impact on their students, but educational administrators are often overlooked. They have the potential to drive change and anchor their schools to a vision that aligns with their values, principles, mission, and ethos. A school’s mission may be inherited from the past, but the way it is implemented can adapt to the present and future.

Luis has been such a leader, who has brought change and innovation to the schools he has led. He has introduced new curricula, programs, and initiatives that reflect the needs and interests of the students and the community. He has shared his passion and vision for education on topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, leadership, and learning. He has created a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect among all the stakeholders of the schools he has served, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement.

Recently, he gave a sermon where he asked others to be like water: universal, inclusive, persistent, and resilient. But he did not mention that water can also lift, and when it does, it can raise all the boats. This is what Luis does: he lifts those around him like water. Luis is a principal with principles. This is why he earned this coin, and I look forward to seeing how he continues to lift those around him.

saint paul, MN 55105