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Date: 03-08-2022

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It is powerful when someone opens a conversations with their values.. even more powerful when they share how they intend to live by these. 

We makers, creators, problem solvers, often get caught up working the problems. We sometimes lose sight of, not what we are doing, but how. I have found myself, my head down, to such an extent, that when I finally found ‘a breath’, rose my head up; reflecting “how did I get here”? 

Putting values like, trust, integrity, empathy first, becomes a beacon. A light upon which to evaluate the new (companies, cultures, leaders, teams), and to draw others who have the eyes to see, together.

Andrew found his values, is living by them, and will lead with them. Shining this beacon he will find, enroll, nurture and connect others. 

This is why Andrew has earned this coin.

San Francisco, CA 0