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Date: 07-11-2019

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Jouk has driven past successful startups, a leader who has enrolled and nurtured his team, to the extent that many have followed him eagerly. Also his past experience informs what he is currently doing with BackBase. Jouk has the opportunity to radically change the approach and experience for banking. His company approaches the financial vertical with modern open, web first, trust-based technologies and philosophies. He is doing it with a fiscal conservative approach where he can control the vision/strategy and execution of his product. With Jouk at the helm not only is the product technically superior, but it is being created with the needs of not only the business customer in mind but in serving the end guest (which is us). Jouk will ultimately change an industry, creating tools that will enable new experiences/services/capabilities.

In this Jouk has earned this coin, many times over, by enrolling, and nurturing his team, and leaving an entire industry better than he found it. 

Amsterdam, AL 0